The Pothole Crusader Challenge

Potholes are not just unsightly and annoying – they are a safety threat to every motorist. Hitting a pothole can cause drivers to lose control of their vehicles, possibly resulting in a crash. Swerving to avoid a pothole can be just as dangerous.

About 500,000 auto insurance claims are filed each year for pothole damage, according to the Independent Insurance Agents of America. Nearly $4.8 billion is spent each year to repair damage to Americans’ cars resulting from run-ins with potholes and other dangerous road conditions.

Issues cars experience from potholes commonly include alignment problems and damage to undercarriages, shocks, mufflers, axles, tires, and hubcaps. The damage may not be immediately noticeable to motorists but may build up over time due to multiple collisions.

Worst of all, some motorists react to potholes at the last minute, causing the motorist to swerve out of the way of a pothole and into the path of an oncoming car or truck. This risks far more serious damage and potentially loss of life resulating from a pothole that should have been repaired..

The good news is that concerned citizens like you can report potholes -- making roads safer and sparing others the costs and problems that come from hitting potholes.

Be prepared to provide the following information about the pothole:

I encourage and challenge you to become active also as a "POTHOLE CRUSADER".

No you don't need to wear a costume! The costume is just for effect. Comicbook super heros are not real but a "PotHole Crusader" is real and "fights a never ending battle for repairing potholes that are dangerous."

Please join me, the PotHole Crusader, and also visit SC Pot Hole Crusader (BLOG) about pothole news and maintenace. Together we can fill in the potholes using our hard earned tax dollars.

Get your FREE "Adopt A Pothole Certificate Here" Pothole Adoption Certificate   Includes your name and location of pothole.

Also Get a FREE Certificate Of Registry for your pothole where your name and location of your pothole is entered in the "Official Registry of Potholes) :)  Pothole Registry Certificate

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"Never never quit, never give up, never surrender".

I am the Pothole Crusader.