PotHole Crusader

There is a story behind the PotHole Crusader.

Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction and sometimes fiction can get a point across. :)

One rainy fog infested night caused an accident that led to an ordinary citizen becoming the "PotHole Crusader".

The story begins with "Citizen Doe" leaving his office after work to come home. Citizen Doe worked as a mild mannered reporter for the daily mail. A small town newspaper that reported mainly on small town activities, not pothole repair. 

Little did Citizen Doe know that a Pothole accident was in his future.

Citizen Doe had traveled the same route many times, swirving and maneuvering his motorcycle around menacing potholes that seemed as if they were suppose to be in the road because of the lack of road maintenance or they just grew there.

But tonight would be different. Tonight he would swerve to miss a pothole and hit another one recently formed he did not know about.

The new pothole caught Citizen Doe by surprise as he became painfully aware a few seconds later while lying on the side of the road needing medical help.

Citizen Doe reached for his cell phone to call 911 but there were no bars. No cell service was available.

Citizen Doe was now alone on a isolated country road that saw little traffic most of the time .

He began to think about how insane it was that the county or state had not fixed the potholes for weeks as he traveled back and forth on his daily trek to work.

Time was of the essence because his arm and leg were injured.

He improvised a bandage from the scarf he was wearing and tried to stop the bleeding on his leg. The temporary fix helped.

Citizen Doe also knew he must find the strength to hobble down the road to the nearest house etc looking for help.

As he began to move he thought of his wife and children and how much he loved them.

Citizen Doe was determined not to let a POTHOLE take him out.

He struggled for about 15 minutes before a man driving a yellow pickup truck stopped to help him.

The man ask Citizen Doe what had happened. He then told the truck driver how he had swerved to avoid one pothole and hit another. He also related his anger toward those who should have repaired and maintained the road.

Citizen Doe told the truck driver he had traveled on the road many times avoiding the potholes while not taking the time to ask himself why the potholes were not repaired. Citizen Doe also began to blame himself for not reporting the pothole hazards and ignoring then as the government seemed to.

The man in the pickup truck then began telling his story of how his son died last year when the car he was driving lost control because of hitting a pothole.

The truck driver was shedding tears as he related the incident.

Citizen Doe began to realize how fortunate he was to still be alive and thought about how he could avenge or crusade to get the state, county and city governments to fix the deadly pothole epidemic.

He vowed silently to do something that night. He would crusade and advance the cause of public awareness of pothole dangers and maintenance by state and county governments. His quest would include this website, www.potholehunt.com, informing John Q. Public about the government's responsibility along with his own.That night he became the "PotHole Crusader". He would create links to government websites where the public could report POTHOLES.

He noticed they were sometimes hard to find, buried deep in the government sites just like a newspaper story that some editor had put on page 15 instead of page 1.

The PotHole Crusader also noted most government websites had prominent easy to find links and information on HOW TO PAY TAXES but important information about road maintenance was like following a rabbit trail that ended sometimes with road maintenance information and sometimes with just a phone number and NO information on reporting potholes etc.

This was the night the PotHole Crusader began his quest to rid the roads and streets of the deadly menace of potholes.

The PotHole Crusader would also crusade to inform the public about where to report potholes to government agencies.

This quest includes encouraging the public to become active also as a "POTHOLE CRUSADER".

No you don't need to wear a costume! The costume is just for effect. Comicbook super heros are not real but a "PotHole Crusader" is real and "fights a never ending battle for repairing potholes that are dangerous."

Please join me, the PotHole Crusader, and also visit SC Pot Hole Crusader (BLOG) about pothole news and maintenace in South Carolina. Together we can fill in the potholes using our hard earned tax dollars.

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"Never never quit, never give up, never surrender".

I am the Pothole Crusader.

(Remember this is not legal advice but only Pothole Crusader advice. If your not sure how to proceed get legal advice from a professional.)

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